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Enterprise Tablet PCs Go To Work: See Motion's entire line of tablets featured.

Brian Dolan, March-04-2010
HIMSS - Tablet Makers Talk Wireless, iPad: These devices need to be balanced and easy to use while resting on the user’s forearm. Just putting a mit on the back of one of these devices is not enough. It needs to be ergonomically designed to sit on the user’s arm.

Partner News Release - Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless’ Mobile Healthcare Solutions Let Hospitals And Clinics Streamline Communications And Access Critical Data: Verizon Wireless offers customers in the healthcare industry an extensive portfolio of products and services that run on the company’s reliable Evolution-Data Optimized (EV-DO) Revision A (Rev. A) network.

Partner News Release - Aruba Networks

Aruba Networks and Motion Computing Deliver Unified Communications Services at the Point-of-Care in Hospitals and Remote Clinics: Aruba Networks, Inc., a global leader in 802.11n wireless LANs and secure mobility solutions, and Motion Computing, a leading provider of integrated mobile computing solutions, today announced a certified healthcare solution to reliably deliver unified communications services and data access at the point-of-care.


Simms broadens New Zealand portfolio with Motion: Simms International’s New Zealand expansion continues to gain legs, with Motion Computing naming the distributor as its regional representation across the Tasman.

The British Journal of Healthcare Computing & Information Management

University Hospitals Birmingham deploys 300 MCAs to help reduce medication errors: Used with its Prescribing Information Communication System (PICS), the C5s are helping the hospital to avoid between 400 and 450 potential medication errors each week. The Trust expects to save approximately 10% of the drug budget due to more accurate prescribing and medication administration.

The Sacramento Bee

Bobby Caina Calvan, January-31-2010
iPad, anyone? Hospitals looking at the mobile device: One tablet, the Motion C5, promoted by its manufacturer as a "mobile clinical assistant," is about the size of a small bathroom scale. It has handles and is equipped with a pen-like stylus. "I love it," said Thomas Whiteford, a registered nurse at Kaiser's Sacramento Medical Center, who took part in testing the device. "I can sit next to the patient and do my charting."


Bill Crounse, January-27-2010
A “right-sized” EMR? Tablet PC + Microsoft Office OneNote: While the media will be focused today on Apple’s Tablet announcement, I’d like to remind HealthBlog readers that there’s nothing new about Tablet devices. I have been evangelizing the use of Tablet PCs in health for nearly a decade. And over the last several years, particularly with the release of Windows Vista and now Windows 7, the Tablet PC value proposition for healthcare providers just gets better and better.

David Diaz, January-26-2010
The Top Ten Groundbreaking Slates: Long before the Apple iSlate (or iPad, or whatever they’ll be calling it) was even a thought in our minds, there was the Motion M1200.

Computer World

Eric Lai, January-26-2010
Apple tablet unlikely to be B2B-ready, says vendor: Motion's tablets all run the Windows operating system. That's crucial for compatibility with the line-of-business and custom apps used by most industrial customers.

Kevin LaHaise, January-25-2010
Tablets, Tablets, Tablets: A Talk With Motion Computing: Surprisingly enough, on our journey we discovered that a local, Austin-based company called Motion Computing has been making tablet computers since 2001.

Mercury News

John Boudreau, January-24-2010
Apple and other makers hope tablet computers finally catch on: "Using a tablet is not a great way to write a novel, but it's a great way to navigate and input information," said Mike Stinson, vice president of marketing at Motion Computing. The Austin-based company makes tablets for specific industries, such as construction and hospitals.