Motion F5

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Compact. Lightweight. Rugged. The Motion Computing® F5 brings mobile computing to a whole new level. Get the power of an Intel® Core™2 Duo processor and the freedom to work whenever, wherever.

At only 3.3 lbs,1 the Motion® F5 makes it easy to take technology into the field to streamline processes and increase productivity, saving time and money. The Motion F5 helps reduce paper, printing and shipping costs by managing documents electronically. Which also means a reduction in the kinds of errors that come with converting handwritten notes to electronic forms. And with point-of-sale information right at your fingertips you can increase revenue per on-the-spot transaction. The rugged and portable Motion F5 helps make the most out of every site visit. Capture digital signatures on-the-spot for immediate distribution. Eliminate unnecessary travel with instant access to forms and files. You can even track high-value assets, manage inventory and improve documentation with the integrated RFID reader, digital camera and optional barcode scanner.


Motion J3400

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Motion Computing is bringing a whole new level of performance and outdoor functionality to mobile computing technology. Introducing the rugged, high performance J3400 Tablet PC. Designed specifically with the mobile field professional in mind, this robust, lightweight mobile device can handle harsh outdoor working conditions without the worry of damage or downtime. Whether you are in field sales and service, government, healthcare or construction, the J3400 enhances your productivity by enabling you to take technology directly to the point of service.
At only 3.6 lbs,* the lightweight J3400 is a high performance, rugged mobile computing device that shines with the industry’s brightest outdoor display. With the unique combination of Motion’s View Anywhere® technology and the Hydis AFFS+ LED Backlight wide screen display, Motion offers the best outdoor display on the market with superior readability in direct sunlight. And with the dual hot-swappable battery design offering up to a full day of battery life, this tablet PC is ready to put in some serious hours. Easily adaptable and built tough to withstand extreme outdoor conditions, the field rugged J3400 is able to withstand a three-foot drop over concrete as well as the occasional drop. It is moisture and dust resistant, and is built with rubberized edges and port covers that provide added durability. The slip-free surface allows for an easier grip so you can prevent drops before they happen. No matter where you take it, the J3400 is tough enough to survive outdoor elements and makes your mobile job easier and more productive.

It’s loaded and extremely powerful
The J3400, with the Intel® Core™2 Duo processor, is packed with the latest in mobile technology, plus it has all the standard capabilities you have come to expect from a portable computing device. And with Motion QuickNav, you can easily launch frequently used applications, the camera or voice functionality with a touch of a button.
Motion knows that it is imperative that you keep in contact with your office at all times, so the J3400 features always-connected wireless WiFi 802.11 a/g/draft-n and Gobi™ mobile broadband capabilities. Record and send voice messages in real-time with Motion VoiceNotes or use its other flexible input capabilities including pen and keyboard to stay connected anytime, anywhere.
When you are conducting inspections, out at a job site recording details or interviewing a patient during a home visit, take pictures with the J3400’s built-in 2.0MP camera and flash, and with the geo-tagging and date stamping features you can document proof of work instantly. It is easy to use and significantly reduces the time you have to spend recording details so that you can get on with your next task.

Motion C5

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It’s highly portable. It’s lightweight. And, it’s ready to work for you.
The Motion® C5 was designed based on input from thousands of clinicians to simplify workflow and improve efficiency. It is the first mobile clinical assistant that integrates technology from Intel® Health. A convergence of technologies in the C5 allows you to do everything you normally do during your shift such as administer medication, record clinical notes and take pictures using one single device. With Intel® Centrino® processor technology and high-speed wireless connectivity, the C5 integrates key functions that clinicians require to be productive during the course of the day.
Whether you are treating a patient in a hospital or administering care in a home, you need a solution that can run your existing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software and keep up with your active, fast-paced workday. The rugged C5 was built from the inside out with your specific needs in mind and delivers mobility and reliability at the point of care.

Streamline your workday

With the C5, you can enter handwritten information directly into patient records, making your workday more efficient and productive. In addition to saving time, the C5 offers a variety of convenient, integrated functions like programmable buttons, a point-and-shoot camera and a barcode scanner that allow you to spend more time in front of your patient and less time on paperwork.
Instead of using a clipboard, simply use the digitizer pen to input new patient data directly into the C5, pull up patient history on the spot, immediately update patient records at the point of care and instantly view up-to-the-minute chart information. By eliminating double documentation, the accuracy of information is increased while the potential for transcription and medication administration errors are decreased. Having this technology by your side not only means that your rounds are more efficient, but it also means your records remain constantly up-to-date and become immediately available to anyone who is caring for the patient. Identify patients, medications and assets more rapidly and reliably with the C5’s optional integrated barcode scanner or standard radio frequency (RFID) technology. The built-in handle is designed to make everything from carrying it with you, to taking photos, to scanning medication easier. When it is time to administer medication, use the barcode scanner to scan your patient’s wristband. Then, simply scan the barcode on the medication to record the procedure. The C5 helps you confidently enforce the 5 rights of medication administration: right drug, right patient, right dosage, right route and right time.
From charting to medication management, the C5 instantly increases your productivity. Carry the C5 with you on your rounds and avoid ever having to wait your turn to input information into a shared desktop computer. The high-capacity lithium-ion battery keeps you working all day long with quick, easy, warm swapping between charges. And with constant access to schedules and Electronic Medical Records, you can access the patient records and check on resources at any time. Real-time access to this information means you are treating your patient as efficiently as possible and in a timely manner, improving overall quality of care and patient satisfaction.