About Wamco

Wamco was established in 1968 as the supplier of Oshino subminiature lamps to North America. Over the years Wamco has grown into a proven and trusted supplier of lighting solutions to the Aerospace, Automotive and Medical markets.


Since 1980, Wamco has been the leader in high contrast Night Vision filters. Wamco offers a full range of standard and custom filters designed to maximize the performance of light sources and enhance viewability for the end user. Wamco’s filters are found on over one hundred military platforms worldwide including fighter jets, helicopters, transport aircraft, and trainers. Typical applications include AMLCD displays, CRT displays, wing tips, cargo areas, illuminated switches, and panels.

Today, in addition to Oshino lamps (OL) and night vision filters, Wamco also supplies direct view filament displays (KW), Wamco lamps (WL), and optoelectrical light engines worldwide, making Wamco an industry leader in lighting and optics.


Wamco has a staff of engineers who are well versed in lighting, optics, optoelectronics, NVIS filtering, material construction, polymeric dye formulations and manufacturing processes.

Our capabilities and knowledge make us a valued resource in solving difficult lighting challenges. Wamco has the facilities to provide rapid prototyping, optical testing and environmental testing. Wamco's "full cycle" support of products from design to production is unmatched in the industry.