SafeNight secure lighting filters

Wamco offers a collection of Night Vision Goggle (NVG) filters designed to satisfy common NVIS lighting applications. These night vision filters use the latest in polymeric and glass technology leading to outstanding performance.

What is your application for NVIS filters?
We can solve any Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) lighting challenge.

SafeNight secure lighting filters for ground based applications
Wamco Safe Night secure lighting filters

Compliant to: MIL-L-85762A / MIL-STD-3009 / CECOM (CSLP)

Benefits of use:
•  Touch screen compatible
•  Polymeric optical filtering
•  Fluorescent and LED compatible
•  Full color rendering

•  Laptops
•  PDAs
•  Handhelds
•  GPS units

Click on a .pdf icon below to see the individual secure lighting specification sheets, or view the flyer (PDF 629KB).

part number filter material light source spec sheets
DC filter 01 polymeric LED/CCFL
Wamco NVIS DC01 filters
DC filter 30 polymeric LED/CCFL
Wamco NVIS DC30 filters
DC filter 45 polymeric LED/CCFL
Wamco NVIS DC45 filters

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